Purpose of Title I

     Title I (of the Every Student Succeeds Act) is a federal program that provides opportunities for the children served to acquire the knowledge and skills necessary to meet challenging state content standards. 
      Title I resources are distributed to schools where needs are the greatest, in amounts sufficient to make a difference in the improvement of instruction.
     Title I coordinates services with other educational services and, to the degree possible, with health and social services programs.
     Title I provides greater decision-making authority and flexibility within the schools and for teachers.  However, greater responsibility for student performance is the exchange made for this flexibility.

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Title I Plan:

Located in the Main Office-This is information about how we fund our Title I Program.  This year we are funding a coordinating teacher salary, a teacher's assistant, a computer lab manager, the purchase of classroom books, technology items, supplies and materials, staff development, and staff development materials.

Parent Resource Center:  Located in the Main Office-Self-help handouts and brochures for parents on how to help their child at home. Please contact Brandy Benjamin @ 843-857-3276. If you need assistance or have questions about the resource center or any Title I information.

District Title I Newsletter English.doc

District Title I Newsletter-Spanish.pdf 

2019-20 District Parent Involvement Policy Input (1).pdf

Final 19-20 District Title I Parent Involvement Policy.pdf